Medication Refill Request

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YOU CAN ONLY USE THIS PROMPT IF YOU ARE ASKING FOR A REFILL OF YOUR MAINTENANCE MEDICATION (such as for blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, depression/anxiety, allergies, etc). It takes 1-2 Business Days to fill, if approved. For all others, including antibiotics, please call the clinic.

1. Non-Controlled maintenance prescription refills will generally be allowed if a patient has been seen by Dr. Go within the last 11-months period.

2. Controlled Pain/ Anxiety & Depression/Psych Prescriptions will generally be allowed if a Patient has been seen by Dr. Go within the last 2-months period.

For Faster and Convenient refills, we strongly recommend pharmacist-owned **RxAll PHARMACY located in Suite C, Phone: 734-463-3300

Fill in these details below if you meet any of the 2 criteria above:

    Patient Name

    Patient DOB:

    Patient Phone Number:

    Name of Pharmacy: (see note below)

    Pharmacy Address:

    Pharmacy Phone Number:

    Name of Medication:

    Medication Dose:

    Medication Dose Frequency:

    **If **RxAll is your Pharmacy, you do not have to fill out the rest. Someone at the RxAll Pharmacy will contact you directly about your prescription refill request.

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