New News! (updated 02-14-2019)

1) Please see new office hours!

2) It is easier (and sometimes faster) to get a schedule online at!

3) Yearly physicals are generally FREE visits. Don’t forget to schedule your annual physical. 

4) NowDr. Go now admits his own patients at BEAUMONT Dearborn.

5) Have you noticed that your prescriptions are getting filled on time lately? For RX refills, pls ask your Pharmacy to send us your RX electronically. Once this is sent, it “pops up” on our computer as an instant refill request and we will respond within 24-48 hours!

6) Give us your email, and you will also get an appointment reminder by email! (aside from our personalized voice reminder).

7) Proudly Caring for Veterans 
Go to WWW.TRIWEST.COM to learn how to avail of this new outreach service from the VA!

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