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4. Generics or Brand Name?

Is there really a difference between a brand name drug and its generic version? In this day of high-cost medicine, there is nowhere more misconception and misinformation than in the area of prescriptions. It is often perceived that generic versions of the original brand name are inferior and less potent. But the truth is that most generic versions are bioequivalent to their brand name counterparts. Unfortunately, thanks to aggressive advertising by huge pharmaceuticals, we tend to believe that the converse is true. So, the next time you get a prescription, ask Dr. Go if there is a generic equivalent. It may save you some co-pay money, as well as help drive down the cost of medicine in this country. For more information,
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5. Atkins’ diet? South beach diet?
How about just watching your food’s “glycemic index” and “glycemic load” instead?

Basically, what glycemic index does is compare the sugar content of each food to pure, raw sugar, which has an index of 100. A food item with an index of 79 will be more like eating raw sugar than another food item with an index of 30. Therefore, you generally want to avoid those with high indexes. Set your limit, say, at 50 or 55. Another relatively new concept is glycemic load. For more information, check out these 2 related sites:

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